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Getting Paid as a Family Caregiver Through Medicaid

Caring for an ailing family member is difficult work, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be unpaid work. There are programs available that allow Medicaid recipients to hire family members as caregivers. All 50 states have programs that provide pay to family...

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March newsletter available

The March 2019 newsletter from R. F. Meyer & Associates is now available. The newsletter features articles about: Family members receiving pay from Medicaid for providing home healthcare for their loved one; State-by-state rankings of nursing home quality, and a...

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Guns and Dementia: Dealing With A Loved One’s Firearms

Having a loved one with dementia can be scary, but if you add in a firearm, it can also get dangerous.  To prevent harm to both the individual with dementia and others, it is important to plan ahead for how to deal with any weapons.  Research shows that 45 percent of...

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Medicaid Home Care benefit now allowed in all 50 states

Traditionally, Medicaid has paid for long-term care in a nursing home, but because most individuals would rather be cared for at home and home care is cheaper, all 50 states now have Medicaid programs that offer at least some home care. In some states, even family...

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February 2019 Newsletter released

Today we released our February 2019 newsletter from R. F. Meyer & Associates. This month's edition features interesting stories on some important topics. They include: This is the last year for a Social Security strategy that's been popular in recent years, where...

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Understanding Medicare’s Hospice Benefit

Medicare's hospice benefit is one of the most comprehensive benefits and can be extremely helpful to both the terminally ill individual and his or her family, but it is little understood and underutilized. 

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