Ready to enjoy our newly ’empty nest’ after help from
Richard Meyer

Our children are now fully grown and our legal documents were very outdated. We weren’t sure what to do and then we found Richard Meyer.

He not only helped us update our will and living will, but carefully listened to our situation and concerns. From there, he also suggested a few other key documents we hadn’t even thought of — like a healthcare power of attorney and a revocable trust to help protect our assets from probate.

He and his team also patiently stepped us through the complexities of ensuring our assets are properly titled to minimize tax exposure and avoid legal entanglements. This all will prevent a mess for our adult children to deal with upon our death and, most importantly, gave us tremendous peace of mind.

We feel so relieved that Richard Meyer helped us plan ahead so we can now just enjoy empty nesting and know that whatever comes, we will be protected and prepared for the future.

Pat & Jen Myers

Elder Law and Estate Planning Excellence!

Richard F. Meyer & Associates provides excellent services in Elder Law and Estate Planning.

Many of us encounter Elder Law issues at some point in our lives. Many of us do not engage in Estate Planning early enough or often enough. Our daily lives are often complex and demanding enough without trying to address potential Elder Law and/or Estate Planning issues.

Let’s face it. It can be a daunting challenge to figure out how to address and resolve Elder Law and Estate Planning needs.
Where can we turn to get advice on assisting an elderly loved one? Where can we find a qualified expert we can trust to advise us on the future of our Estate?

These are some of the most important decisions we face in life.
The answer is R. F. MEYER & ASSOCIATES, Attorneys at Law.
The phone call I first made to R. F. Meyer & Associates was one of the best calls I ever made. I am 100% satisfied with not only the professional services I received, but also the special attention that I received in the process.

Roger Beatty

Professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy-plus

On the advice of my family attorney, I contacted Mr. Meyer regarding asset protection.

I am over 70 years of age and have been widowed for 4 1/2 years. I am contemplating marrying a gentleman and good friend that I have known for many years. We are concerned that, at our ages, if one of us should require nursing home care in the future, how can we each protect our assets so that the remaining spouse would not be impoverished by having to pay nursing home enormous costs.

In our initial phone consultation, Mr. Meyer offered a very good solution and the reasons for doing it. During a second phone consultation, Mr. Meyer very courteously answered my questions about Medicaid rules and worst case scenarios.

He and his staff were always professional, friendly and helpful. I will certainly recommend Mr. Meyer to all my acquaintances  who need estate planning, asset protection, and/or legal advice.

Joanne K. Jenny


The Estate Planning attorney I needed

Dear Mr. Meyer, I had been searching for an elder law attorney for quite some time and talked to a few.  I was never satisfied with their plans.  Finally, I went to David Gordon, my family attorney, who had helped us in the past and prepared our previous wills.  He suggested that I come to you for help.

My estate plans did not need to be overly complex like other attorneys I had talked to suggested.  When I first talked to you, I gave my reasons for what I wanted in my estate plan and you listened and made suggestions.  I provided you with much working information about my specific situation and within a short time, I was contacted that the wills, powers of attorney and other paperwork was ready for review.  I carefully reviewed them then contacted your office with a few small corrections.  I set up an appointment for the following day to come with my wife and to sign the paperwork.

The signing ceremony was quickly complete and I am very happy with the results.  I like the fact that the documents are also available electronically so I can provide copies of some of the documents to our health care providers.

 I know that I will seek your counsel in the future as I deal with the challenges of aging. I have already mentioned my satisfaction with your services among my group of friends and would certainly recommend that they contact you with their estate planning needs.

Galen Bettac

Pleasure to collaborate with such a professional team

I am highly pleased with the estate planning documents prepared by R. F. Meyer & Associates.

The team ably prepared the requested legal documents for my mother and assiduously navigated COVID-19 protocols to get them safely signed.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with such a professional team. I absolutely recommend R. F. Meyer & Associates for your legal services.

Chris Jentz

Always there to offer their expertise

I can’t thank the entire staff at R. F. Meyer & Associates enough for all their help and knowledge with the handling of my Mother’s Guardianship account. 

They were always so helpful with the many questions I had through this process.

Her account ended up being very complicated and I needed extra help from them all from time to time. They were always there to offer their expertise when I called and guided me in the correct direction! 

I would highly recommend them!  Even after my mom passed away they helped me go through the process of closing out the guardianship process so that everything was completed very smoothly.

Mary Kididis

Supporting my best interests

Thank you again for being available and it was a pleasure to have met up with you the other morning.

It’s been very much less stressful having yourself, Trina, Christy, Richard & Mary, and as well as David to be supporting my best interests in this. Much appreciation!

Looking ahead with this team of professionals I’m grateful to have on my side has, and I’m sure will continue, to get my situation on a positive and rightful path.

It’s not over, but I can sleep at night thanks to all of you folks up there in Ohio.

Ben Hume

You were a BIG HIT!!!!!

Dear Richard, Thank you for taking the time to come and talk with our associates (at the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio).

This is what I have heard so far: “He was AWESOME.” “WOW – He was so great.” “We need to have him come back.” “I am going to get some things together and call him.” 

“He was so personable and funny – not like any attorney I’ve ever met!” “He was so helpful – I thought I was all set but boy do I have to get busy!” “Have him back – like every week!” “Those handouts are so helpful – the definitions are invaluable.”

You were a BIG HIT!!!!!  I appreciate you taking your valuable time and being so generous with it.  You have a roomful of fans and the word is spreading. Your presentation was great and I think the questions would have just kept coming!

Thank you again.

Pat Porchetti

Administrative Assistant, Communication Services, STRS Ohio

Excellent and professional legal services

I am ever so grateful to have you occasionally review and update our estate plan.

Your forethought has put our minds at ease as we are confident that the necessary documents are in order to help us through life’s adventure.

We certainly know who to call when the need arises as your firm will have the expertise and knowledge to properly guide our final wishes.

I cannot thank you and the entire staff enough for your excellent and professional legal services. I wish your entire staff the very best.

Stephen A. Molick

Thanks for Buddy Walk support

As a Grandfather of a Down Syndrome child, I would like to take the time to thank you for your sponsor support of the October 3rd Buddy Walk. This was my first Buddy Walk and it was very inspiring. The Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio did a great job of organizing the event. I think there must have been a thousand people walking (with your logo on their shirt!). Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Alan Jones

Real elder law attorneys

I encounter so many people who held themselves out as ‘elder law’ attorneys who know less than the general practitioner. To so many of them it’s about marketing and grossly inflated fees. It’s good to know you guys and to have someone to whom I can send people when it looks like they need real help.

Tom Semple, Attorney

Wonderfully convenient, professional experience

Working with Mr. Meyer and his associates in establishing my trust and other final documents has been a streamlined process.

Mr. Meyer and his associates answered all of my and my successor trustees’ questions. Explanations were thorough and clear.

The ability to carry out everything online and by phone was wonderfully convenient.

Thanks again for this professional experience.

Cheryl Huang

Extremely knowledgeable, great communication

I called Attorney Richard Meyer regarding a complex legal issue. His staff responded to me immediately and setup a phone call directly with Attorney Meyer. During our call he answered many of my legal questions, and no fee was charged.

Our conversation was extremely beneficial due to his expertise. I didn’t end up retaining his services because he no longer practices law in my area of need, however he was able to refer me to a competent colleague.

I was so appreciative of his willingness to help me and point me in the right direction. I will definitely refer my friends and family to him in his areas of practice.

Jean Miller

Excellent communication, not in a rush with us

Richard is amazing! With safety concerns about my parents, he cleared the air for me and on their behalf. I left our 30 minute discussion feeling much better about next steps.

He’s an excellent communicator; he was not in a rush to finish our discussion; and provided options to present to my parents. R.F. Meyer is intelligent, credible and very well spoken.

You will not leave the discussion with unanswered questions or concerns.

Leigh Trammel

Treated with so much professionalism every step of the way

I would describe R. F. Meyer and Associates as extremely professional and knowledgeable. My husband and I needed to get Medicaid planning information for my mother-in-law who has dementia and could no longer take care of herself. I looked online at several different elder care attorneys, and R. F. Meyer had the best reviews, so we called and made an appointment for a consultation.

Our first point of contact was with Mary, who is one of their paralegals. Mary was great and a huge asset to the firm!  We spoke with Attorney Meyer, and he gave us the best legal advice, so we decided to follow through and have he and his firm prepare all our legal documents for my mother-in-law.
My husband and I were treated with so much professionalism every step of the way.

Attorney Meyer set up my mothers-in-law’s will, power of attorney, medical power of attorney, living will, and caregiver agreements. He advised us on the next steps to move forward with getting my mother-in-law into a facility as quickly as possible.

We are thrilled with his work and the work of his staff. His prices are reasonable, and most importantly, he was always available to talk to us over the phone and via email. I wouldn’t look any further for an elder care Attorney R. F. Meyer is the best choice!

Charles and Nicole Rayburn

Appreciate the newsletter

The newsletters are a valuable source of great information regarding multiple important topics.  The subject matter is excellently chosen and much appreciated.

Robert Nauman

Grateful and appreciative

Thank you (Richard and Bridget) so much for the extraordinary job that the two of you performed in handling this situation. We could not have resolved it without you. We are ever grateful and appreciative of all the time and hard work that you both put into this effort. Halleluia!

Diane and Bob Neider

Blessed to have you in our lives

I am so blessed to have you in our lives right now. Mom is excited and exhausted all at the same time! I hope you know that we would have struggled without you, so with my greatest thank you, Thank You!

Heather Martin

I don’t take lightly your continued willingness to help

Richard Meyer, I don’t take lightly your continued willingness to help with matters that are not clear cut or simple, and I appreciate your continued support on difficult matters. I appreciate that even when client relations degrade outside of our control, you always maintain your patience, professionalism, courtesy, and place above other matters, our good relationship. I appreciate that when you cannot add value to a client’s position, you are quick to point it out and exit the file. These are not small things and are a tribute to your excellent character, your firm, and our profession. I try to notice, remember, and incorporate the best traits of the attorneys I encounter into my routine, and these traits of yours should be aspirational for all our brethren. Thank you for all you do.

Matthew R. Chamberlain, Esq.

Very impressed and pleased

My wife and I began our relationship with (this law firm) when my wife’s mother required full time care in a nursing facility, and it has continued on through the loss of her mother and father. We have been very impressed and pleased with the extraordinary legal expertise, advice, and planning provided by the firm. The final outcome that came as a direct result of their work could not have been any better. We are very thankful that a dear friend of ours referred us to you so many years ago.

Bill and Tami Jenkins

Sincere thanks for all your help

The flower arrangement you sent for Helen’s funeral were just beautiful. While I had a much more difficult time dealing with her loss, I must admit the final arrangements, communications with Medicaid and the long-term care facility were easy due to the thoughtfulness and completeness in which your firm had prepared all of the necessary documents. I often think back some 16 years ago when you handled my father’s estate and began the talk in helping us prepare for this day. I sincerely thank you and the staff for all your help.

Steve and Mary Molick

So nice to know you are there for me

I just wanted to thank you and acknowledge your help in consulting me regarding the sale of my condominium.

It was obvious I didn’t know how to handle the situation, but with your input and advice (in plain English), I feel that all will work out very well. It’s so nice to know that you are there for me.

Another reason for my thank you was that everything was taken care of through telephone conversations and that impressed me so much!

Arlene Bridwell