Earlier today, we released our July 2024 edition of the R. F. Meyer & Associates newsletter.

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In this edition, we share three articles that I believe will be of interest to our Elder Law and Estate Planning clients. They cover:

  • Long-Term Care Insurance: A recent study finds that hidden long-term care costs for Americans include what caregivers pay – and what they give up – to provide care to their aging loved ones. Yet adults across the board avoid taking out LTCI because they overestimate its costs.
  • Divorced spouses can qualify for Social Security benefits, based on the work record of their former partners. This is true in many cases, even if the ex-spouse has remarried and their new spouse is drawing benefits based on their work record, too.
  • Medicaid: What does the program for low-income Americans cover, and what does it not cover? This article explains some of the finer details of the coverage.

These topics are complex, and a couple of the articles are rather lengthy. But we include them in this July 2024 newsletter because they provide good information. We hope you find them worth reading.

Have a great balance to your July and we will be back with another edition of the R. F. Meyer & Associates newsletter in August.


Richard F. Meyer, Esq.


Access the full July 2024 newsletter in PDF form

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