Medicaid & Other Government Benefits

From Disability to Veterans Pension

Navigating Medicaid & Other Government Benefits 

Most Americans begin utilizing government benefits programs at least upon reaching retirement age, including Medicare and Social Security. R. F. Meyer & Co. attorneys can help clients explore eligibility for these programs and many more, and to properly incoporate them in their estate planning,


Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides payment for medical care for persons unable to afford to pay. Medicaid covers physicians’ services, hospital care, supplies and other necessary services once a person has been made eligible for the program. It is the only program that pays for the expenses of long-term care in a nursing home. …

Medicare (Including Part A)

Medicare Part A, which requires no premium contributions by beneficiaries (who have paid into the Medicare system during their working years), covers hospitalization, home health care, and limited nursing home care. …

Medicare Part D

Beginning in 2006, Medicare beneficiaries have had the option of enrolling in a prescription drug benefit. However, a person who does not enroll when first eligible but decides to enroll later may pay a surcharge for a late enrollment. The beneficiary must select a private insurer who offers the benefit in the beneficiary’s geographic area. Plans vary as to the medications covered, deductibles, co-pays and premiums charged. …

SSI — Supplemental Security Income

Although R. F. Meyer & Associates provides information and advice as to clients’ SSI eligibility, we refer our clients to one of several experts in the field for application help. Below for informational purposes only, are descriptions of the program from the Social Security Administration …

Veterans' Aid and Attendance

The Veterans’ Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefit may be used to pay for care of a veteran or a veteran’s family member, in an assisted living facility or at home. …

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