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Earlier this afternoon, we issued our October 2023 e-newsletter from R. F. Meyer & Associates.

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As usual, we present three news articles in this edition. They cover:

  • The No Suprises Act: This bill passed by Congress went into effect Jan. 1, 2022. Our article explains that the bill aims to protect people from unexpected bills incurred when receiving out-of-network medical bills. This issue especially affects seniors, who tend to need more medical care than the rest of the population. Under the Act, patients are not responsible for surprise medical bills, beyond their normal in-network cost-sharing amount.
  • A recent study finds an alarming increase in homelessness among seniors in America’s major cities. The studied cities saw increases in this population every year dating back to 2011. Worse, the issue is expected to accelerate through 2030. This article provides the study details.
  • Intermediate care facilities offer an attractive in-between housing option for many older adults who can no longer live safely on their own, but do not yet require the highly specialized care of nursing homes. ICFs can provide daily assistance with a range of care for aging adults who don’t need skilled nursing, and of course, the cost is considerably less. Our article explains what’s offered through the ICF option.

I hope you enjoy our October 2023 articles and find them informative.

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