This morning we released our May 2021 R. F. Meyer & Associates newsletter. If you did not receive it by email, please find a link to a full PDF version of it below.

Despite the thorough drenching from strong rainstorms across Ohio on Mother’s Day, we hope you had a chance to visit with family and loved ones around the holiday. It is so nice to experience today’s loosening COVID restrictions, particularly on visits with our senior citizens.

Most of Ohio’s nursing home population has now been vaccinated. I urge anyone reading this, who has not yet received their own vaccination, to schedule your shot(s) now. Having that little vaccination card really brings a great sense of relief — and it makes visiting family members in a nursing home much easier..

Our May 2021 newsletter articles cover a few interesting topics:

  • With the 2020 federal tax filing deadline extended to May 17 due to the pandemic, you might be interested to find out this: The IRS is allowing costs for facemasks, sanitizer and other virus-preventing items to be deducted as a medical expense for 2020.
  • IRAs and 401(K) funds are a big part of most individuals’ estates. Did you know, those funds can affect your application to have Medicaid pay for nursing home care? Make sure you take the proper planning steps to avoid penalties and obtain the coverage as soon as possible.
  • Working to keep loved ones (or yourself) at home for as long as possible often involves bringing a hospital bed into the home. Our final article this month provides tips on how to find the right rental bed for your circumstances.

I hope you find our May 2021 articles interesting and informative. Remember, you can contact R. F. Meyer & Associates with any Elder Law, Estate Planning or Probate question. Call us at 614-407-7900, send an email to Info@ElderLaw.US, or fill out the contact form on our website at ElderLaw.US/Contact to arrange an appointment.


Richard F. Meyer, Esq.

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