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A little earlier today, we issued our June 2023 e-newsletter from R. F. Meyer & Associates. If you did not receive it by email, please see the link below to access it in full PDF version from our website.

We present three articles this month that all concern housing decisions faced by many seniors. The June 2023 articles cover:

  • Is ‘aging in place’ right for you?: For those who wish to maintain their independence and continue living at home as they grow older, taking certain steps to protect their physical, mental, and financial welfare is essential.
  • Which should I choose? Nursing home care vs. hospice care? End-of-life care decisions are never easy, but many Medicare recipients are being forced to choose between nursing home or hospice care.
  • Affordable housing options for low-income older adults: Finding inexpensive, safe, and accessible housing can be challenging. However, several affordable housing options are available for older people.

These June 2023 articles all touch on housing decisions that most seniors will face. They may speak directly to your own household discussions. I hope you find them interesting and a worthwhile read.

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Richard F. Meyer, Esq.

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