Dear Clients and Referral Partners,

re-electionWith just eight days until Election Day, it is estimated that more than 25 percent of the vote in Ohio already has been cast in early in-person and absentee voting.

But should you be among those still planning to head to the polls to vote in person Nov. 3, I would like to take this chance to again urge you to support the re-election of Franklin County Probate Judge Robert G. Montgomery.

As I noted in our R. F. Meyer & Associates September newsletter, Judge Montgomery seeks re-election to the job he has ably held for the last 10 years, running the largest single-judge jurisdictional court in Ohio.

As the Franklin County Probate Judge, he is responsible for the probate needs of the approximately 1.4 million people of Franklin County. That involves managing 8 full-time magistrates, 2 part-time magistrates, 4 special magistrates, and a staff of approximately 50.

Our law office often deals with Judge Montgomery and his Franklin County Probate Court staff to serve the needs of our clients. I find him to be an outstanding jurist and excellent administrator in this critically important post for our Elder Law practice.

I’m far from alone in this assessment. His innovative programs and services have been recognized with more than a dozen statewide awards from court systems, mental health agencies and social services organizations.

Prior to his current stint of service to the Probate Court, Judge Montgomery was elected three times and served for 10 years as Franklin County Recorder, another important post for us at R. F. Meyer & Associates. I can attest that he handled those Recorder duties with administrative excellence and innovation as well.

Another concern helps prompt this unusual re-election endorsement of a political candidate by our law practice: In Franklin County, the Probate Judge race this fall appears at the very end of a very long ballot.

There are 38 candidate races and 24 ballot issues to be decided Nov. 3. The ballot begins with the Presidential race and ends with the Probate Court Judge race, where Judge Montgomery is opposed by attorney Jeff Mackey, seeking his first election to the bench.

Montgomery’s quality public service will earn him my vote for his re-election, and my perseverance to get to the end of that huge ballot. Read more about his background at probate.franklincountyohio.gov

Judge Montgomery has done an excellent job and deserves another term. I urge all our clients and friends who live in Franklin County to consider retaining his service. Please vote to re-elect Robert G. Montgomery as Franklin County Probate Court Judge Nov. 3.


Richard F. Meyer, Esq.

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