Today we issued out October 2018 edition of the R. F. Meyer & Associates Newsletter.

October 2018 NewsletterWe’ve included some great articles this month. They will give you information and tips about:

  • Shopping around for Medigap policies; Prices vary widely, so do your homework to save some money.
  • Sibling rivalries sometime rear their head when one child has been granted power of attorney for a parent; On either side of that equation, know your rights and limitations.
  • A new IRS rule allows you to give gifts to your children of up to $15,000 each year without facing a gift tax. But does that escape attention on the five-year lookback, should you apply for Medicaid long-term care? NO, it does not.
  • Should Republicans maintain control of Congress after November’s election, spending cuts likely are on tap. Since last year’s tax cuts, the party’s foreground message on the economy has been the very positive job and GDP growth news. But some in the majority now are talking about billion-dollar deficits expected in each of the next couple of years – even in the rosiest of scenarios – and the need for budget cuts expected to include Medicare and Social Security. Check out the newsletter’s story about recent comments on the topic from White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow. Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers also called for bi-partisan action to reform Social Security and Medicare, to cut the looming deficits, including a look at decreasing eligibility and benefits. Check out those comments here: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/08/20/gop-rep-steve-stivers-urges-medicare-social-security-reform.html

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