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A little earlier today, we issued our September 2022 client e-newsletter. If you did not receive it by email, please see the below link to open it from our website.

Two of our three articles this month concern nursing homes, which many seniors will have to think about at some point in their lives.

Specifically, our September 2022 articles cover:

  • Planning ahead before seeking nursing home care, to avoid unnecessary costs for you and your family. Most folks would benefit from looking into the rules and regulations they will face, beginning about the age of 65. Find more info on Medicaid’s guidelines at medicaid.gov.
  • Many seniors find themselves in need of Medicaid to pay for their long-term care but are surprised to learn that their modest monthly income may disqualify them. The use of a “Miller Trust” in Medicaid planning can assist you in meeting Medicaid’s income limits.
  • Beyond Medicaid’s benefit for long-term care for nursing home care, many other government benefits are available to seniors. Are you missing out? A new website tool is an excellent source to identify all the available programs, and can be checked by seniors, their caregivers or loved ones.

I hope you find the September 2022 articles interesting and informative. The experienced staff at R. F. Meyer & Associates is available to answer any specific questions you may have regarding any Elder Law or Estate Planning issue.


Richard F. Meyer, Esq.

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