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I think our November edition stories are interesting and informative, covering topics that are all of good value. They include:

  • Open Enrollment Season for Medicare: Even beneficiaries who have been satisfied with their plans in 2018 should review their choices for 2019, as both premiums and plan coverage can fluctuate from year to year.
  • Next year will bring the largest Social Security cost-of-living increase since 2012, boosting the average retiree’s benefit 2.8 percent, or $468 annually. And unlike last year, the gain won’t be entirely eaten up by Medicare insurance premium increases.
  • A recent high-profile case involving a retired professional basketball player illustrates the danger of having just one spouse’s name on a reverse mortgage. When Caldwell Jones died, a federal appeals court ruled that an insurance company could foreclose on his reverse mortgage, even though Mr. Jones’ widow is still living in the house. Read on for more details.
  • Nursing home costs are rising to new heights. Private nursing home care has topped $100,000 annually for the first time in 2018, according to a new survey, up 3 percent from 2017. While that’s slowing from the 5.5 percent increase in 2017, seniors are advised to consult an elder law attorney to protect some or all of their family’s assets.

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Have a great November!

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