Earlier today, we issued the December 2020 e-newsletter from R. F. Meyer & Associates.

It’s our last edition in what’s been a very difficult year, with an end to 2020 finally within sight. Thank goodness.

2020 has been a year most of us look forward to leaving behind. The Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has taken so many friends, especially from our senior population. It’s also imposed isolation, particularly hard on us with loved ones in long-term nursing care – and even harder on those loved ones.

But this very day the first doses of COVID vaccine are on their way to our front-line healthcare workers and nursing home residents. That’s a light at the end of the tunnel likely to get yet darker before we get to the other side, with the severest impact of the disease expected this winter into spring. The vaccine, though, does provide hope of an end to this long struggle, or at least the beginning to an end.

For the immediate future, life will go on with constraints and uncertainty. This newsletter provides some information you may find of use in the coming weeks.

December 2020 article topics include:

  • Time is short if you want to take advantage of one COVID-19 relief measure approved by Congress way back in the spring. If your finances have been impacted by the virus, you can make early withdrawals from your retirement accounts, without the usual penalty. But that penalty waiver ends at the close of 2020.
  • Medicare premiums are going up just slightly next year: The basic monthly premium will increase $3.90, from $144.60 a month to $148.50.
  • Annuities are a device you may want to consider in your Medicaid Planning. But they must be planned carefully, to both meet your needs and avoid running afoul of Medicaid regulations.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans can be attractive to seniors in certain situations. This article reviews what to look for when considering such a plan.

I hope you find the articles interesting and the newsletter worthwhile. Please feel free to let us know you enjoyed it or have topic ideas for future newsletters, by dropping an email to Info@ElderLaw.US.

If you didn’t receive the newsletter by email, you can download the full version from our website at this link.

Most of all, from the entire staff of our law office, we wish you a healthy and joyous holiday season, and a happy and prosperous New Year. One gift we recognize from 2020 is the very good chance for a better 2021!


Richard. F. Meyer, Esq.

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