Earlier today, we released our July 2019 newsletter from R. F. Meyer & Associates. July newsletter

Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties in composition, and some of our links to articles in the newsletter did not work properly.

Please accept out apologies and find a link to a PDF of the newsletter – with all links working – below.

This July 2019 edition of the newsletter features articles on Medicare, funeral planning, Estate Planning, and Medicaid eligibility rules. I think they are well worth checking out.

Please contact our law offices at R. F. Meyer & Associates if you need legal help in any of these situations.

Call us at 614-407-7900, email us at Info@ElderLaw.US or just fill out the Contact form on our website at ElderLaw.US/Contact.

Hopefully you enjoyed a great Fourth of July holiday and are coping well with this hot, rainy summer!

Thank you for continuing to read our monthly e-newsletter from R. F. Meyer & Associates.


Richard F. Meyer

For full newsletter in PDF form, click here.

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