Earlier today we issued the July 2021 edition of the R. F. Meyer & Associates monthly e-newsletter.

We strive with the newsletter to provide information on legal topics that is pertinent and interesting to you clients of our Elder Law practice.

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I think we have four good articles for you this month, covering:

  • How you can end up in – and how you can get out of – the Medicaid “donut hole” gap in prescription drug coverage in your Medicaid Part D plan;
  • The need for Medicaid planning: While being admitted to nursing home care is a big fear for many seniors, planning for your long-term care is important. And those who are not in immediate may have the luxury of distributing or protecting their assets in advance;
  • In a shocking development, thousands of elderly and disabled SSI recipients have had their payments reduced or eliminated, due to often erroneous reports that they own unclaimed property in the U.S. A move is underway to screen the errors out of this process, by making SSI follow regulations in the Fair Credit Reporting Act as they make the property ownership review;
  • How seniors can qualify for “Dual Eligibility” that allows Medicare enrollees use Medicaid to help cover costs.

I hope you, too, find these articles informative and worth reading – and that you find the newsletter a useful resource to help you keep on top of your own health and estate planning concerns.

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Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Richard F. Meyer, Esq.


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