This morning, we issued our January 2022 newsletter. If you did not receive it by email, please see the below link to open it in full PDF form from our website.

Articles in our January 2022 New Year’s edition of the newsletter cover several topics of interest to our clients:

  • If you have gifted items or cash to family members within the “five-year lookback” period considered with Medicaid applications for nursing home coverage, there are ways to “cure” the Medicaid Penalty Period. Read about some of the options in this article.
  • Keeping your vaccines current is a smart move for seniors who seek to maintain their good health. This article breaks down which vaccines are covered by Medicare Parts B and D.
  • If you need help with your personal care but are well enough to avoid a nursing home, states typically cover some services provided in assisted living facilities. These may include, depending on the state, coverage of nursing care, personal care, case management, medication management, medical assessments, and medical exams. Our article has links to state-by-state coverages available for charges incurred while in assisted living care.

We hope you find these articles interesting and informative. Please feel free to contact R. F. Meyer & Associates should you need help with any Elder Law, Estate Planning or Probate Law matter.

And from our staff to your family, may you enjoy a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022!

Richard F. Meyer, Esq.

Link to the full January 2022 R. F. Meyer & Associates newsletter in PDF form

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