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Earlier this morning, we issued the February 2023 edition our R. F. Meyer & Associates e-newsletter. If you did not receive it by email, please see the link below to open it as a PDF document. Another month of the newsletter brings another batch of informative articles for you.

The February 2023 articles provide updates and analysis about:

  • Medicaid’s ‘Money follows the person’ program, and how it now is impacting seniors;
  • Highlights of several benefits for older adults included in the recently passed Omnibus Bill, and;
  • Long-term care options: Assisted living vs. nursing homes – What is the difference?

I hope you find our February 2023 newsletter not just informative, but also interesting. Should you have ideas for topics you would like covered in future editions, drop us a line with an email to [email protected].

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Richard F. Meyer, Esq.

Link to the full February 2023 R. F. Meyer & Associates newsletter in PDF form

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If you have questions about any Elder Law, Estate Planning or Probate issue, contact R. F. Meyer & Associates for help. Reach our law offices in Worthington by calling 614-407-7900, sending an email to [email protected], or by completing the Contact form on our website at ElderLaw.US/Contact.