Maintain independence(NewsUSA) – When most people are envision retirement, they picture themselves doing things they love, like dancing, playing tennis, or enjoying their grandchildren. Unfortunately, retirement isn’t always as great as hoped. These days, too many seniors find themselves losing their sense of security in their homes due to the natural aging process. Take thought now of steps you can take to maintain independence.

According to Marketing Charts, 26 percent of seniors surveyed said that losing their independence was their biggest fear.

That’s higher than the 13 percent of seniors who feared moving into a nursing home or 3 percent fearing death.

Instead of seniors fearing a loss of independence, let’s look at some ways they can regain it and start making all of their retirement dreams come true.

Steps to Maintain Independence

Invest in a Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs provide seniors with independence and comfort beyond a traditional manual wheelchair. Seniors can stay independent thanks to joystick movement, letting them choose speed and direction they are comfortable with. Power wheelchairs also allow seniors to recline and tilt, helping them raise their legs if they need to.


Attach Bathroom Aids

Installing grab bars or safety handles on tubs and walls, along with bath and shower chairs, can help seniors regain their independence by giving them the confidence they need to safely bathe themselves, even if they have a home health aide helping them.


Install a Stairlift

Seniors looking to recapture their independence, especially when they can’t make it up the stairs anymore, can install a stairlift. The lifts come in many styles, for straight or curved stairs, and provide seniors with a safe and secure movement from sitting down to stepping off, with swivel seats and safety belts.


Other resources

Contact your local county Senior Options agency for information about programs that can help you with improvement to maintain your security and independence in your home.

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