Areas of Law

Estate Planning

Protect your loved ones with a comprehensive Ohio estate plan including wills, health care power of attorney, durable power of attorneys, and trusts.

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Elder Law

We create comprehensive approach that focuses on the quality of life for your later years, and by extension, the quality of life for your family and loved ones during and after your lifetime. The legal issues facing the elderly are often complex and interrelated. Thus, it is important for an attorney to be familiar with the many laws and regulations affecting seniors in areas such as Medicaid, Medicare, Real Estate, Social Security, Disabilities, Nursing Homes, Probate, Insurance, Health Care, Housing, Elder Abuse, Banking and Investments, Mental Health, Trusts, Pensions, Assets Preservation Transfers, and Taxes.

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Probate | Estate Administration

When a loved one dies, all assets must go through legal probate and estate administration. The experts at Browning & Meyer assist Ohio families by simplifying the probate process.

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Special Needs Trusts

Raising a child who is disabled, either due to mental illness, mental retardation, or physical disabilities, is filled with challenges and rewards that only parents truly understand.  Planning for a child’s well-being, both during the parent’s lifetime, and after the parent’s death, involves a complex array of social, financial, and legal issues. Secure the future of your special needs child with Browning & Meyer Co., LPA.

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Age, disease or an accident can sometimes rob a person of the ability to care for personal or financial needs.  Ohio law prescribes a method by which a guardian  or a conservator can manage the disabled person’s affairs under the supervision of the Court.   An Elder Law attorney familiar with the area and the many resources available can assist in establishing a plan of care for nursing, housekeeping, food services, health and safety devices, long term care and other services available to help the aged and disabled.

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